Toddler is Lone Survivor in Deadly Tampa Crash

After a terrible car crash in Tampa, police report that they have a man in custody. The suspect reportedly fled from the accident scene where a toddler was the only survivor. The fatal collision happened at the intersection of East Lake Avenue and North 34th Street. According to investigators, a 2003 Chevy was crossing the intersection when a 2003 Infiniti slammed into the car’s side. Rico Taylor, age 35, is a resident of Tampa and investigators say he was driving the Infiniti at the time of the accident. The collision was so intense that both cars collided with a third vehicle at the 34th Street light.


The impact of the crash instantly killed the two adults that were inside the Chevy. Police later revealed that the deceased driver and passenger were 28-year-old Michael Wimbley and 23-year-old Tyronda Sampson. In the backseat, Sampson’s three-year-old son was riding in a car seat, which undoubtedly saved his life. Unfortunately, the toddler was the only survivor. “It’s sad. Really sad that he has to grow up without a mother,” said Craig McDaniels, a close friend of Sampson. “He loved his mom. She loved him.” The surviving child is now in the custody of his grandparents.


The people in the third vehicle were fortunate to only have minor injuries. According to police, Taylor fled the scene of the accident on foot. When officers arrived, they were able to quickly locate him and take him into custody just a short distance from the scene.  While investigation is still underway, police believe that Taylor was likely impaired at the time of the accident and speed was also a probable factor. Previous court records reveal that Taylor has a laundry list of prior offenses in the Tampa area, including charges for drug possession, grand theft, and driving with a suspended license.

“This is one of the most tragic accidents we’ve seen in Tampa in recent years,” said attorney Bill Winters, a personal injury attorney in Tampa. “It’s always a terrible day when you hear of a child that is left without a mother because of another person’s irresponsible actions. If the suspect was indeed impaired, the child’s family could potentially take legal action. Wrongful death cases like this are always difficult for everyone involved, but they can provide some financial restitution to the family of the victim.”


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