Tesla Model 3 – Car of the future

Elon Musk is a visionary that has achieved a lot towards the improvement of the humanity. He is the founder of many progressive companies including Tesla, an automotive manufacturer that makes Eco-friendly electric cars. Tesla has produced several cars, and the Model 3 will be the best electric car on the market. It already came out as a prototype, and several other parties and we got a chance to review it.
We examined the car, and we believe that it will change the automotive industry at its core. Read this review to get more info about this incoming electric car and see what we think about it. We will share our impressions on this auto, and you can decide whether it is worth a purchase or not.

A BMW 3 series type car with 330e price tag

Model 3 is the most anticipated vehicle in 2017, and if everything turns real, then it will change the world of the automobile industry. It will arrive in the USA in the second part of 2017 and Europe in 2018, and its cost will be 35 thousand dollars which make it the cheapest Tesla model. Very few cars will reach car saloons in 2017 and the beginning of the next year as they will be first offered to people that paid one thousand dollar deposit for this car in the past. Tesla had issues with production schedules in the past, but they are following the schedules for Model 3, and we can expect up to 10 000 cars produced in a week in 2018.

Model 3 – The future is here

Tesla’s new model won’t be without competition as other manufacturers have some hot cars in the class. But this vehicle is the most economical option as it uses only electrical power to run. And you might think that it makes it underpowered, but you would make a mistake by doing it because Tesla doesn’t produce slow cars.
Lithium ion batteries in Model 3 will allow it to cross 215 miles and people will have an option to buy a bigger battery. This car sports full electric powertrain, and it will reach 60Mph in 6 seconds (other versions will be faster). The electric drivetrain in Model 3 (just like in previous models) has more power which can be released with “Ludicrous Mode.” The car will cut the time to reach 60Mph in half with this option.

tesla model3
The interior design of the Model 3 is minimalistic as well as futuristic. All controls except the driving wheel are located on a large touch-screen that is located in the middle of the dashboard. The rest of the panel is sleek without any detail that would break its lines.

Model 3 – A giant step forward

The price of the new Tesla makes it an affordable vehicle that will save you a lot of money on the fuel. It worth every dollar you will have to pay for it. Buy the Model 3 and embrace the change this car is bringing.