Citigo – The lord of the city

The competition for the best and the most economical and fun city car is always heated. The market for vehicles that are fun and exciting to drive in the city is huge, and people are always looking for something new in that category. We reviewed many small town cars, and we found that Skoda Citigo is the best for driving around small streets in a city.
We did an extensive review on this Skoda, and we will give you some insight into it. We can’t share the whole interview (it’s too long), but we can share some highlights that make Citigo the best car for the town.

Skoda Citigo – Engine and performance

Citigo is an older car (production started in 2012), and it has several things that make it stand out from the crowd. It comes in four version out of which the S model is basic without any additional features. SE comes with additional equipment, SE L is more luxurious than other versions, and the Monte Carlo is a sporty version of the Citigo.
The choice of engines is limited to two versions of the 1.0-litre VW engine with three cylinders. One version produces 59bhp while the other has 74 brake horsepower. Those that prefer automatic gearbox will have to buy either SE L version with 74bhp or SE model with 59bhp.
All of the major components of the Citigo are similar to its competitors, SEAT Mii, and VW Up as they are produced in the same plant. The price of this car is similar to competitors even though it has better running cost as well as it being fun to drive.

Citigo – how is it on the road?

citigo carThe most important aspect of a city car is how it feels on the road. You would think that this car performs worse than its competition as it has a lot of space for passengers, but that is a wrong assumption.
This Skoda has a highly agile handling, and the excellent performance makes it feel like a bigger car than it is. You won’t feel like driving a boxy car that many other city crawlers are. We were surprised by the body control and the strength of the grip that this car has and that made it easy, along with price steering, to drive through crowded streets.
One of the main reasons that we chose this car over a plethora of other city cars is its long-distance cruising capabilities. This car drives smoothly on long roads, and its insulations will prevent sound and the wind from disturbing the journey. The car gets more comfortable faster you go, and that is a feature that other city vehicles don’t have.

Skoda Citigo – The best small town car on the market

If you are living in a city and you have public transport, then Citigo is a perfect car for you. You will be able to maneuver through the town with ease and the drive into the rural area (if you want to go into nature for the weekend) will be comfortable.