New king of the off-road is here

Many large automotive companies have off-road vehicles in their catalog, and some exquisite cars can take on the rough terrain. Land Rover is one of the best off-road vehicle manufacturers, but we think that Ford might take their title away with the introduction of the F-150 Raptor.
Ford presented this auto as something that will cause a disturbance on the off-road part of the automotive market. And we believe that F-150 Raptor will do that as we have reviewed it and found it to be an enjoyable experience. Read through this report to check what this new Ford brought into the game.

Wilderness – Home ground of the F-150 Raptor

All people that look for an ultimate off-road vehicle should get interested in this monster of a car. It’s specially created for extreme off-road conditions, and there you can experience what this Raptor is all about. Every person that buys this car will get a free Raptor Assault program where they will learn how to drive it on rough terrain. They will find out how to take the F-150 on rock crawling and Baja runs. This feature is free of charge for people that purchase the Raptor.

Another excellent feature that Ford has in store for its clients is the ability to build your personal F-150 Raptor. You can choose different graphic and interior packages as well as choose various mechanical upgrades (Torsen front differential, for example). The cost will vary depending on the amount of additional parts and packages you want.

T-150 Raptor – Unleash the off-road beast

We already said that this auto is a beast and that it excels in extreme conditions. Its ability to outclass other off-road monsters comes from its build. It has a high-performance engine as well as excellent parts (which you can choose and upgrade) that compromise it. It packs four-wheel drive that combines clutch and mechanical locking of four wheels to give it an ability to overcome obstacles which would prove too much for other cars. This is also possible due to FOX Racing Box which is software that changes damping rates on separate wheels depending on the travel of every wheel. This creates an enjoyable and comfortable ride on rough terrain.
This Raptor is preferred extreme terrain vehicle, and part of that is thanks to its build. T-150 Raptor is half a ton lighter than its predecessor (while it has more power) and that is accomplished through the use of military-grade aluminum alloy that is stronger than conventional aluminum alloys that other manufacturers use. Steel-frame is under the aluminum to increase the safety of people in the auto.

T-150 Raptor – A worthy off-road vehicle

All people that enjoy in off-roading will love this car. It delivers excellent extreme environment experience, and it will make every off-road enthusiast happy. Check out T-150 Raptor in our store, and you will see why everyone likes it. We offer an extensive review of this auto for all interested parties. We also offer test drive that includes off-road experience.