The return of the original Mini

David Brown Automotive is a small company that is known for restoration of some iconic models. They gained fame with Speedback GT which was a restored Jaguar XKR, and their next project will surely bring more attention to this business.

Their second project focused on the Mini, a car that is known for spewing several generations of enthusiasts. New Mini arrived on the market several years ago, but that car wasn’t same as its predecessor, and this company decided to do something about that. The Mini Remastered is a car that has all features found in the 21st-century vehicle, and it still has the charm that the original was so famous for. Read through to get more info about this new addition that will bring back the memories that the old Mini created.

What is new on the Mini remastered

This new vehicle looks like it belongs to the past, but in reality, it has new features that befit a car made today. People call this new version an ultimate classic because its size and the looks are same as the original. Panels found on this Mini are all hand-crafted, and new beams are there to increase the rigidity, and they installed aluminum grille and LED lights to add the modern touch that is found in every other car. The addition of puddle lights and some badging shows the people that this isn’t just a restorations but a new car.

Mini remastered – under the paint

The real power and beauty of this reworked legend come to light when you open the hood and enter the vehicle. The interior and the engine, as well as other elements,  make this a car that is eligible for driving today.

Interior is up-to-date which means that you got entertainment that can be either Android or Apple as well as satellite navigation. Keyless start, excellent upholstery, and leather covers make this a must-have car. A good portion of buttons within the car are done in retro style, and they are a reminder of the long history of this brand.

The machine that can be found under the hood is new as well. The 1.275cc engine makes new Mini twice as strong as the original. Disc brakes, new suspension, and four-speed gearbox are all new, and they will make the ride in this classic an enjoyable experience.

Get your hands on the new Mini

David Brown Automotive announced that they would make only 100 Mini Remastered vehicles and we already bought several of them. If you are interested in purchasing one, then do contact us, and we will call you to finish the deal. This is your only chance to get your hands on one of these, so hurry up.