RS5 Coupe – The latest entry in Audi’s A5 line

Audi has a lot of auto lines that all have their features that attract clients. People who don’t like Audi’s say that all of them look the same. In reality, this manufacturer produces vehicles for all types of car enthusiasts and every person who knows something about automobiles will appreciate this manufacturer and their creations. RS5 Coupe is a machine that completes the A5 line, and it is similar to previous installments in this range. Stay with us and see what this new Audi has to offer.

RS5 Coupe – An aggressive addition to the A5 range

The front of the new Audi sports two large air vents that flank a black grille. The wheel arch is wider than previous models, and it comes with either 19 or 20-inch wheels (the bigger wheels are and additional option). The rear diffuser is a new addition to the back of RS5 Coupe, and it stands there alongside tailpipes and lip spoiler which aren’t something that you can see only on this model.

This machine is powered by 2.9-litre twin-turbocharged V6 that produces 444bhp. You can find the same amount of power in the old R35 which is fed by V8. All of this makes this new model fast as it can reach 60mph in 3.9 seconds which is 0.7 seconds better than its V8 predecessor. This car has a limiter which once removed allows the machine to reach 174mph which makes it quite a fast auto for its selling price.

Other elements of the RS5 Coupe you might find interesting

audi inThe engine in this automobile creates less CO2 (17% less than its predecessor), and that is due to the engine and weight (1655kg). The standard version comes with an eight-speed automatic gearbox that distributes power to all four wheels (60% to the rear wheels). Those that want to take this car on the track and use its full potential can choose sports differential. The performance of this model is enhanced by the multi-link suspensions that replaced old trapezoidal-link that is present in older models.

Individuals that are out to purchase the Coupe will get a choice to pick additional features that were also present on older RS5 models. These functions include ceramic brakes, dynamic ride control, and revised steering.

Audi RS5 Coupe – Is it worth the price?

This car will hit the market in June, and the basic model (without additional features) will cost 78 thousand dollars. Audi enthusiasts will find this car as an excellent upgrade from the standard RS5 as it has features that are entirely new. If you like Audi vehicles then you will adore this small sports monster. Those that look at the price of everything else shouldn’t even look for it in our shop. Others are welcome to browse and pick one up before it gets sold out.