ABOUT lona systems

We are a company that sells rents and writes about cars. We founded Lonasystems to offer high-quality rental services in Tampa, Florida and since then our business expanded in several directions. We opened a salon that showcases cars that we started selling at one point. The majority of the sales are done over the internet and our web page, and thus we focus on that rather than expansion of our salon.

    Instead of opening several car salons we decided to open a virtual one. Our virtual showroom contains all necessary info about every car that we have in our store. We do car reviews that give you info about a vehicle that you might be interested in.

    We also do reviews on future vehicles that we might or might not sell in the future. Some cars can be preordered, and that is one of the things that we do. We preorder cars and sell them to our clients that receive them once they go out of the production line.





“I rent cars from Lona Systems whenever I visit Tampa or some other city near it. Other companies like that work in the area but Lona Systems has best conditions and that works for me” 


“Thanks, Lona Systems, for being there and allowing me to buy a limited edition vehicle as I wouldn’t be able to purchase it without their assistance. Their online vehicle shop and reviews helped me a lot” 


“A sweet ride is waiting for me in Tampa whenever I visit it due to the online rental option that Lona Systems has. I like them because their prices are OK and the cars they have are excellent for attracting attention” 


“I always recommend Lonasystems to my friends because they offer a broad range of vehicles, from family sedans to SUVs. They also provide excellent payment conditions, and that is why I like them”