Welcome to lona systems

Sale and rental of new and upcoming cars


Main Features



We rent a broad array of cars that you can see in our store. Our renting section is available for everyone, and it will take only several clicks to lease a 2017 car. Our prices are, as you can see, excellent.


People that want to know more about a car before buying it can read full reviews on the majority of new vehicles on the market as soon as they are revealed.


If you want to buy a new car and you want to save some money on the deal, then you have found the right place. We offer special deals on a regular basis and you can grab one and save up to 20 percent off the original price.


One of our services allows us to sell cars that aren’t on the market. We buy the right to several cars before they get into mass production and we ship them as soon as they are built.



Headquarters of our company are located in Tampa, Florida. Our office, as well as one of our car salons, is located there and you can visit both of those at the same time. That salon is filled with new machines that you can buy at the spot, and our office is there for people who want to rent a car and drive off with it.




Why choose us

Our company isn’t bonded to one or two car manufacturers which allow us to sell and rent a plethora of different vehicles. We aren’t just about selling you our goods, we want our clients to be satisfied, and thus we share reviews (good and bad) of the cars that you can find in our shop.